The slaughter of America’s wild and domestic horses is a horrific reality that continues despite closure of the U.S. based slaughter plants. Last year, over 100,000 American horses were slaughtered in plants in Canada and Mexico. A recently released Freedom of Information Act report from the USDA revealed photos and descriptions that depict a slaughter process that is often times far more brutal that we even imagined.

Photos showed horses with missing limbs or eyes, going through the slaughter process fully conscious. This is simply not an acceptable ending for an animal that has served so much, and is beloved by so many. The time to put an end to the slaughter of our horses is long overdue.

Congressmen Dan Burton and John Conyers have re-introduced HR 503, now titled The Prevention of Equine Cruelty Act, in the House of Representatives. While anti-slaughter legislation has easily passed in the House in past legislation sessions, it has failed to be heard in the Senate. With the start of a brand new legislative session, we have a new opportunity to get this important bill passed in both chambers of Congress. But we must be vocal and persistent. There are many important issues currently on the national agenda. Without a unified and strong public voice, horse slaughter could easily fall by the wayside.

Please take a moment today to contact your representatives in the House and Senate and ask them to support HR 503 as a co-sponsor. If they already support the legislation, ask them to urge their colleagues to support it and to ensure that the bill is voted on this session.

To find your Members of Congress, enter your zip code in the “Write Your Reps” link on our Action Alerts page.