The Year of the Horse begins with a Win for America’s Horses!

On January 17, President Obama signed the 2014 budget bill which denies funding for USDA inspections of horse slaughter facilities, thereby reinstating the ban on horse slaughter in the U.S. Not only will this save approximately $5 million of our tax dollars, it echoes the sentiment of the majority of Americans who do not approve of the horse as a food commodity.

But there is still work ahead. We need to pass federal legislation that will provide permanent protection for America’s wild and domestic horses.

Contact your Representatives and respectfully ask that they support the will of the majority and pass the SAFE Act (Safeguard American Food Exports Act).

We extend our deepest appreciation and respect to U.S. Sens. Mary Landrieu, D-LA, Lindsey Graham, R-SC, Reps. Patrick Meehan, R-PA, and Jan Schakowsky, D-IL, for introducing the bipartisan legislation that will stop the inhumane killing of America’s horses for human consumption and prohibit the sale and/or transport of horses across U.S. borders to be slaughtered in Canada and Mexico.

National polls show that 80% of Americans are opposed to the slaughter of horses. Last year alone, more than 160,000 American horses were slaughtered by European-owned companies for food abroad.

Those numbers, although tragic, would not fulfill an ongoing supply-and-demand should the industry of horse slaughter be instituted on U.S. soil. Therefore, it would be inevitable that horses would be bred to be used as a food commodity to maintain profits. This is and always will be against our cultural values as a nation.

So, obviously the business of horse slaughter is not being driven by a desire to find solutions for “unwanted” horses.

We need to pass the federal legislation, increase education, and implement solutions for breeders and horse owners who no longer want to care for old, sick, injured horses — solutions that do not perpetrate a culture that accepts an attitude of dispensability.