This truck was hauling emergency water to the sanctuary!

The extended drought in the west has left our hills barren of forage

and has caused the price of hay to rise.
 On August 27th the unthinkable happened. Our well ran dry. . .


drought images

August 27th may have been one of the scariest days on the sanctuary. The drought has taken its toll on the west for the last 3 years and we felt the severity of it at home when we awoke to find our wells dry! We had to truck in purchased water for our horses for weeks at a cost of $500 per day.

But our horses never went thirsty because our incredible friends and supporters rallied to our side. With their help we
raised nearly $60,000 of our $100,000 goal. We weathered the crisis with emergency water purchases and set about making emergency repairs and changes to lessen the burden on our well.

As of September 25th our well is able to pump water to most of the pastures at the sanctuary (not all) and we do not know for how long this reprieve will last. We are using what is left of our emergency funds to implement long term water sustainability projects. We are praying for rain this winter, but doing everything we can to avoid another catastrophe if the drought persists.

Please support our continued water sustainability plan by signing up for our monthly “Fill The Bucket” water sustainability fund. An average horse drinks at least 10 gallons of water each day. It costs us $7 to keep that bucket full for a week.

For a monthly donation of $7, $14 or $28 you will help us make sure that whether the rain falls or not, our horses will have the water they need.

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