A foal left behind during a 2016 roundup at the Conger Herd Management Area in Utah. RTF file photo.


The Bureau of Land Management captured 10 wild horses and lost one foal during in its third day of helicopter drive-trapping on Saturday near the Piceance-East Douglas Herd Management Area in Colorado, bringing the three-day total of wild horses removed from the range to 71.

One foal was separated from its band, and BLM’s contractor, Cattoor Livestock of Utah, was unable to capture it:

“Contractor used the helicopter and roping from domestic horses to try and catch the foal, but was unable to do so. After a considerable effort by the contractor, the decision was made to quit pursuing the foal,” according to the gather report. “[Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service] vet concurred, and that the foal was old enough to wean.”

BLM’s goal is to remove 100 wild horses from private land and other areas outside the HMA. Captured wild horses will be transported to BLM’s Canon City, Colorado, holding facility, where they are to be made available for adoption or sale.

For the third straight day, the wild horses captured were assigned a body score of 5, or moderate, on a 10-point scale.

No injuries were reported on Saturday. On Thursday, a 4-month-old colt was euthanized after the discovery of a knee injury, according to BLM.

The agency estimates that there are 210 wild horses outside of the HMA. Its Aug. 11 Decision Record leaves open the possibility of future roundups of wild horses that have strayed from the HMA.

Those interested in attending the roundup may call (970) 878-3814.

For planning documents related to the roundup, please click here.


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