Wild Horses Need Your Help!

Wild Horses and Burros have a small piece of the American Pie

  • The Bureau of Land Management manages 248 million acres of our public land.
  • 155 million acres are allocated for privately owned livestock
  • 26.9 million acres are allocated for wild horses, on which they are outnumbered by at least 37 to 1 by livestock
  • 97.4% forage allocated for livestock use
  • 2.6% allocated to wild horses and burros
BLM estimated wild horse and burro population on BLM land
captured wild horses and burros in BLM facilities
Million – 2016 BLM Wild Horse Program Expenditures
BLM’s numbers updated as of January 12, 2016 can be found at:  Wild Horse and Burro Quick Facts

Wild Horses Need Your Help

  • Since the 19th century, the number of wild horses roaming the West has decreased by 98%
  • The Government has wiped out wild horses and burros from 37% of designated habitat since 1971
  • Between 2009-2016, 42,075 wild horses and burros were captured and removed from BLM-managed public lands.
  • 67% of the BLM’s budget is spent on roundups and warehousing wild horses
  • 4% of BLM’s annual budget is spent on using proven, safe and humane fertility control and solutions to manage wild horses and burros on the range
  • Managing wild horses and burros on the range would save millions of dollars a year
  • Feeding captured wild horses in government holding facilities costs American taxpayers over $135,424 DAILY
  • 6x more federal land is authorized for livestock grazing than for wild horses
  • Livestock grazing on public lands costs American taxpayers a loss of over $123 million per year in direct costs – more than $500 million when indirect costs are included — yet provides less than 3% of America’s beef supply