I know that we are all feeling the pain of this tough economy right now, and everywhere we look there is a need to be met. It was only a week ago that I sent you information about our “Orphaned Animals” blog, which has new animals that need a home added every day.

But right now we have a very urgent need to meet and we need your help. The State of Nevada has rounded up 52 wild horses from State lands and plans to dispose of them by any means necessary by the end of this week. Since these are not horses on federal BLM land, they have no protections under the law, and will certainly be shipped straight to Mexico where they would endure a horrific fate.

We are working with Livesavers Wild Horse Sanctuary to raise the funds necessary to rescue all 52. Some of them are babies. We have a safe haven in Texas where the horses will go to be cared for until private homes or sanctuaries can be found.

We need to raise $6000 to get them there by Saturday, February 7th. Please help us save these lives by making a donation today. Anything you can give helps.