The American Wild Horse Conservancy has been over a decade in the making. If you received our recent update in the mail you know that we are finally ready to see the realization of this long held dream to create a large scale wild horse conservancy – based on the model we created at our California sanctuary. However, there has been a change in plans since the mailing of that letter. While we are very eager and excited to open the gates and let the horses get back to life as they once knew it, we have received new information that indicates that the Montana ranch may not be the ranch that is best suited for the long term sustainability of the conservancy. It is not off the table, but there are new facts that we have to fully explore before coming to a final decision.  In the meantime, we are looking at inexpensive options to move the horses to a better temporary home while we fully vet the ranch in Montana, as well as other land.

We are in the process of taking steps to move the horses to a more comfortable and more natural holding ranch where they will enjoy large acreage to roam. After securing temporary facilities we still have to face the issues of sustainability.  Safe water in both quantity and quality is a growing concern. So too is the ability to grow enough hay to get us through the lean years. It is easy to take the availability of hay for granted, but you would probably be surprised to learn that hay has gone from $80 per ton to nearly $350 per ton in just the last few years and now demand from China (!) is pressuring the price still upwards. We currently feed over 4 tons of hay per day. This project is too important, and too many lives depend on it, to not take our time and do it right.

We hope that you understand and support us in our decision to take every precaution necessary to ensure the success of the conservancy. Whether it is Montana, Nevada, California or somewhere in between  . . . please know that we are ready to move forward in the weeks to come. When we can say with confidence that we have a ranch that will sustain our horses, their habitat and their lifestyle, and that our donors’ funds are being put to the best possible use, we will close the deal and load up the horses. Until then, please stand by us while we take the time we need to make sure we’re making the right choice, and choosing the right land.

We still have considerable funds to raise to see this through and need the full support of everyone who cares about America’s wild horses. Please help us continue to make the dream of the Conservancy a reality by making a donation today.