Special Tours Now Available on Weekdays by Appointment Only

Return to Freedom ended our best tour season ever on September 8th with our season closing event, titled “End of the Trail ~ Adios for Now” which included a Wild Horse Walk, catered BBQ, wine tastings, and live music. Our visitor’s center was open and featured discounts on Return to Freedom merchandise as well as closeout items.

Our raffle featured four themed gift baskets featuring our wonderful tours: the Kid’s Day at the Ranch, Sanctuary Tour, Wild Horse Walk, and Photo Safari. Raffle winners received a gift certificate to one of these special tours. The campfire at the pagoda blazed as the music played, and children and adults alike made s’mores on willow sticks cut fresh from the creek that runs the length of the event area. One man remarked, “I’ve never had a s’more before, always wanted to. Didn’t even have to go camping. My daughter and I made them together. This was a wonderful event.”

We feel the same way. A big thanks to everyone who turned out for the event, from the volunteers (we can’t do it without you!) to the donors and board members, to our wonderful supporters. This was the end of the trail for the season, but we’ll be blazin’ new trails next year! See you in the springtime.

And in the mean time, keep your eyes out for our 2013 tours and events calendar: we’ll be adding some new tours, special events, kid’s activities and more!

If you’d like to visit the sanctuary during the winter, here’s how you can do it:

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

2-hour Sanctuary Tour: $45 per person (Groups of 5 or more)

Wild Horse Walk: $125 per person

Private Tour for 2: $75 per person ($150)

Call our office for reservations well in advance: 805-737-9246

Tours offered only on weekdays and subject to staff availability.