These six beautiful wild mustang colts are some of the “unbranded” weanlings and yearlings orphaned after the recent capture and auction of horses from the Fort McDermott Reservation. They were cleared of Coggins and loaded up yesterday morning and arrived at Return to Freedom Wild Horse Sanctuary in California last night.

These handsome colts thank their generous benefactor, Cindy A. Lee, and the Wags and Menace Make A Difference Foundation for saving them from slaughter.



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They are so grateful that Cindy and her foundation are funding all of their urgent medical needs, treatment, feed, care and transport.

We are anxiously waiting for a mare and her foal and an additional weanling to join the boys and travel together to their new adoptive home with Betty Goodman.

This is all made possible with funding from Cindy and her Wags and Menace Make A Difference Foundation. Thank you, Cindy Lee. Your philanthropy will help ensure these innocent horses are healthy and safe with support from Return to Freedom.

To see the colts loaded from the holding pens to begin their journey to the Return to Freedom Wild Horse Sanctuary, click here to watch the video.