In an ill-conceived pilot program, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is planning to send 100 wild burros (rounded up and removed from public lands) to Guatemala where they will live their life in servitude as “beasts of burden” for residents in Guatemala.

Burros have already given so much to this nation and continue to serve in countless ways. Do we really want to ship these faithful friends to countries where animal protection laws are virtually non-existent? What kind of life will we be condemning them to?

BLM has admitted that they have never had a problem placing burros. Not only is this a costly endeavor just to fly 100 burros to Guatemala, but these burros, protected by the Wild Free Roaming Horse and Burro Act, have now lost their freedom and their range land. Haven’t they endured enough?

Please join us in telling the BLM that America’s wild burros are part of our western landscape and our nation’s cultural heritage. Our country was literally built on their backs. Sending them overseas, to an uncertain fate, is an egregiously irresponsible way to manage animals that the BLM is charged with protecting.

Tell BLM Director Neil Kornze, today, that you do not approve of sending US burros to Guatemala (or anywhere else).

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BLM Director Neil Kornze:

Photo Credit: Lisa Brunetti