# 5398
Captured: February 27, 2015
Crime: Freedom

Recently, National attention has focused on the plight of a beautiful 25-year old wild grulla stallion who was captured by the BLM from his home in the Sulphur HMA.


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Rescue efforts are underway for the grulla stallion #3907 and one other senior.

Less attention has been paid to the three other older stallions who were also captured from the Sulphur HMA.

People are outraged because these older stallions are emblematic of the thousands whose suffering is paid for by the unknowing taxpayer. Stallions have a tough life on the range, but they also have a tougher time once removed. Not many people are equipped to provide a home for a wild horse especially an elder stallion. These horses are born, live and die on the range. Older wild horses have lived their whole life in a herd and have survived within the rules and conditions of natural law.

Return to Freedom immediately began working on solutions for these magnificent warriors and maintained contact with the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) urging them to return the horses to their home on the range. These older stallions were captured and separated forever from their herd, their range and their freedom… forever.

Over 24,000 citizens signed a petition calling on BLM to release these senior horses back to the wild, but since the 2005 passing of the Sale Authority amendment, all horses over the age of ten can be sol without limitation to the highest bidder. The BLM put these wise stallions up for auction for a starting bid of just $25 instead.

What is to become of a 25 year old wild stallion who can be purchased for a few dollars? What is even the purpose of removing him in the first place? He only has a short time left, it is a waste of funds and a tragic end for a noble survivor.

A 20 year old Black stallion #5398, and a 15 year old Bay stallion (#5422) have had no bids at all and certainly face an uncertain future.


#5398- His only crime was freedom. On February 27, 2015, 100 horses were rounded up and captured just outside of the Sulphur Springs Herd Management Area (HMA) as they wandered off their range most likely in search of water.

 5422-SULPHUR (1)

# 5422, Stressed and gaunt after capture.

Return to Freedom is bidding on these stallions and willing to give these elders a permanent home at our California sanctuary. But we can’t rescue them without your help.

Caring for senior horses costs an estimated $2600 per year which does not include Veterinary care. Horses at the sanctuary often live well into their thirties.

RTF already provides sanctuary and care for 400 wild horses so we must secure the funds necessary to help us purchase, transport, house and care for these wonderful stallions and keep them comfortable for the next phase of their lives. We need to raise 62,000 to transport them to California be able to ensure that we can properly care for these magnificent mustangs for the rest of their lives, which could be 10 years or more. Will you help? All funds raised will be applied directly to their rescue and long-term care.

While we can’t give these stallions back their freedom, with your help we can give them the respect and security they deserve in their twilight years. 

Please help Return to Freedom and support sanctuaries with a generous contribution today!