WATER for WILD HORSES and El Nino Preparation:

Shelters and Grading

Many thanks to the ASPCA, The Santa Barbara Foundation and some of our wonderful Board members and donors for the purchase of  a 2000 gallon water truck!This is no ordinary water truck, it is also a hydraulic dump truck and hauling vehicle which will help with many sanctuary projects, emergency and safety releif.

We have been trucking water in daily since February costing $3200 a week.  Now we are able to haul in water donated by local community members! This releif is making such a difference in our morale and daily operations!

The unforeseen challenges we have confronted as a result of the drought have strengthened relationships and made new ones! Special shout out to Mikie Biven, Gordon Weebler, Mike Goddard and Lompoc Motor Sports Park Project !

Our focus is now on preparing for the forcasted volatile El Nino and water catchment projects.

Please make a donation for water catchment, grading and secure shelters for horses HERE ! 

Thank you for supporting Sanctuaries! After their capture, we provide feed, care and refuge for the rest of their natural lives!