Dear Friends,


Thank you all for supporting Return to Freedom throughout 2015.


Robert Redford, Photo: Kristina Loggia

Robert Redford, Photo: Kristina Loggia

As a new Congress took the reins this past year, Return to Freedom did not skip a beat, streamlining the organization, facing the impact of California’s drought head-on and continuing to empower youth and adults to be a unified voice for America’s wild and domestic horses.


Because of your support, Return to Freedom has been able to educate the public about issues that threaten America’s horses and burros for 18 years! RTF has led the charge for a new direction in minimally-invasive wild horse management, both at sanctuaries and on the range, created a nationally successful campaign and coalition which has now grown into it’s own organization and umbrella’s other innovative programs.


Since its creation, RTF has advocated for the redirection of funds used for costly roundups and warehousing of horses and burros to minimally-invasive on-the-range alternatives. The concept has gained momentum with more organizations and community volunteers actively participating in cooperative projects for ‘In The Wild“ management solutions. The solution-focused approach is firmly rooted in the founding principles and management model of the RTF sanctuary, which provides care for almost 400 wild horses and burros.


I am proud to stand with you and be part of strengthening Return to Freedom so that we can:


· Return to our roots in on-the-ground field observation and proactive pilot projects

· Continue to educate through engaging and empowering a new generation

· Realize our Capital Campaign goals to create a lasting endowment for a sustainable refuge for wild horses, burros and the wildlife that live there

· Continue to work with national allies for legislation that will once and for all ban horse slaughter and the transport of horses for slaughter

· Inspire reforms to federal and state wild horse and burro management policies to support their protection on their        rightful ranges

· Work with legislators and like-minded individuals to restore balance for all wildlife and our environment


Now is the time! I am standing with Return to Freedom and we need those of you who feel as passionately about these issues as we do to stand with us and help us realize this important vision.


Thank you and Happy New Year,


Robert Redford



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Return to Freedom’s mission is to preserve the freedom, diversity, and habitat of America’s wild horses and burros through sanctuary, education, advocacy and conservation, while enriching the human spirit through direct experience with the natural world.

For eighteen years, RTF has been dedicated to modeling and advocating viable humane solutions to protect wild horses and burros on the range as an alternative to the costly and traumatic capture and warehousing of wild horses. RTF operates a sanctuary providing a refuge for 350 wild horses and 44 burros with a focus to maintain natural family bands and bonded social groups.