Wild Horse Nation,

Green – lots of it!

On this St. Patrick’s Day here at Return to Freedom’s American Wild Horse Sanctuary, there’s green on the rolling hills where wild horses are standing with tails swishing in the sunshine, green in the oak forest our tall-eared burros guard, and green grass growing tall in replanted pastures.

After years of drought (and weeks of rain and mud!) so much green is a welcome sight, one well worth celebrating on this St. Patrick’s Day.

We hope this note finds you, your friends, and your family as happy as our herds are in this gorgeous, springlike weather that signals to us that it won’t be long until visiting season arrives at the sanctuary.

Any success that we have in telling the story of wild horses and burros or in reuniting family bands or in planting seeds of change in wild horse policy has little to do with luck. We owe it all to the devotion that our volunteers and donors feel toward America’s wild horses, and that you so generously share with us.

For that, we are forever grateful.

Neda DeMayo, RTF Board of Directors and staff

PS: You can share your love for wild horses by sending a free St. Patrick’s Day e-card with the same lovely photo by Irene Vejar that’s featured above — just click here!