Last winter, the University of Wyoming, U.S. Geological Survey, and BLM placed GPS tracking collars on 14 wild mares and returned them to the range for monitoring. BLM photo.


The Bureau of Land Management will resume collaring wild horses in Wyoming’s Adobe Town Herd Management Area as part of a University of Wyoming study of their movements and habitat selection.

BLM will collar then release 21 mares captured during an ongoing helicopter roundup in southwestern Wyoming, bringing the number of mares collared to 30 total, according to a press release. The collaring is expected to take place on or around Oct. 6.

Last winter, BLM lured and collared 14 mares before calling off bait trapping due to winter weather. Five collars were later removed: three malfunctioned and two were too loose, risking injury to the mares.

The Adobe Town HMA is located in Wyoming’s “Checkerboard” region, an area of alternating public and private land without fences that has been the subject of court battles between wild horses advocates and BLM.

To view the roundup operations, call (307) 352-0215 or send an email message to Participants will meet at the BLM Rock Springs (Wyo.) Field Office at 280 Highway 191 North.

For more information about the roundup, including BLM’s planning documents, click here.


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