Meet Our Team

Neda DeMayo
Neda DeMayoFounder and President
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Shelly Martin
Shelly MartinEquine Management Consultant
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Merced Tagle
Merced Tagle Ranch Forman
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Karen Descamps
Karen DescampsAdministrative Assistant
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Paulin Tagle
Paulin TagleRanch Hand
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Jill Anderson
Jill AndersonSpecial Projects
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Laura Moretti
Laura MorettiWebmaster and Social Media
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Join Us!

If you’re interested in joining the Return to Freedom staff, please reach out to us for available positions.

Return to Freedom is currently hiring the following positions:

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1) Tour and Volunteer Coordinator: Works under the direction of RTF’s Advocacy and Outreach Coordinator. Articulate, good with public, backround in environmental science, conservation sincere interest in wild horse, public lands and conservation issues. Well versed in social media platforms.


2) Barn Manager:
Experience with horses wild and domestic, and stallions.


Please send resume and cover letter to: