As more and more wild horses are removed from public lands, it is very important that these horses find suitable homes and are preserved and protected. Although there are adoption programs for wild horses, there are no safeguards that insure that people who adopt wild horses will take care of them properly. In fact, some people even adopt horses and then sell them to slaughter houses.

At Return to Freedom, we feel that wild horses need to be protected. And we feel it is just as important that bonded herds be able to stay together when they are moved off public lands.

Imagine how you would feel if you were separated from your family and others that you love. Well, the same is true for wild horses. For this reason, when we take wild horses from public lands, we make sure that entire herds are relocated as a group. When we take one horse — we take the entire family. And, we may be the only sanctuary in the country that does this.