Wild Horse Rangers

It is up to each of us to be the voice for our wild horses. We must urge Congress to uphold the spirit and intent of the 1971 Wild Horses and Burros Act. Free roaming wild horses and burros were promised protection on the federal lands legally designated to them by President Nixon, thanks to the efforts of Wild Horse Annie and thousands of children across the country.


By standing together, we can make our voices heard – to protect and preserve the freedom of wild horses and burros on the American landscape.

Return to Freedom encourages youth and adults to explore our public and park lands so that we all can be enriched and empowered by our own experience.

Be a Wild Horse Ranger: Advocacy in Action- By taking an active interest in our wild horses, wildlife, and wilderness, you can become part of the solution to the challenges we all are facing as climate change, industry and urban encroachment impact our natural habitats and resources.

Return to Freedom is inviting you to get involved and join us to observe wild horse herds on rangelands across America, witness roundups and participate in the political process by advocating for solutions for the preservation and protection of wild horses and burros.


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This question comes to us from children and teens across the nation. Our youth program is evolving into a nationwide education program, enabling our youth to advocate for America’s wild horses in their hometowns, states, and in Washington DC. Return to Freedom’s Mustang Youth Coalition engages young Americans in advocacy, both through social media and through lobbying efforts on a state and national level. Participants’ understanding of the issues is enhanced by the unique opportunity to have their own direct experience of wild horses on the range and at the sanctuary. Return to Freedom’s Mustang Youth Coalition is dedicated to energize America’s youth to save America’s Wild Horses.
Adults and Youth- Between the ages of ten and eighteen that have permission from their legal guardian(s).
*Those who wish to participate in trips to the range and/or Washington DC must be chaperoned by a parent or a legal guardian.
Since everyone pays their own way that is entirely up to you. Any donation towards a participant fee for Coordinating events is greatly appreciated to help Return to Freedom!
By organizing together we can forge a unified message and create a proactive presence both at Capitol Hill and as witnesses and stakeholders on the range. Remember, these are our public lands and if we do not form a productive community who will speak for the horses and burros, who will?

Return to Freedom, along with a diverse group of colleagues, will partner to make the experience informative and serve to inspire youth and adults to have their own voice for America’s horses and burros. Team members may include photographers, writers, advocates, behaviorists, scientists and others — each contributing to creating an informative and enjoyable experience for our Rangers.

By learning how to safely visit wild horse herd management areas and participate respectfully as an advocate, you will learn a lot about wild horse herds and their habitats, other wildlife and the unique history of America’s wild horses.

By witnessing a roundup, you will see first hand what is involved, how it affects the horses, and explore your own feelings and thoughts on the issue.

You can: Create your own blog and/or write letters to media and lawmakers about your experience and any ideas you have.
We will make time for discussion and action items. By coalescing our reactions and ideas, we can focus on solutions and respond to Action Items, presenting our findings to agencies and/or legislators in support of humane and realistic solutions to the challenges wild horses and burros are facing.

Wild Horse Rangers will have opportunities to witness government roundups and the BLM’s management of our wild horses and burros first hand. Visits to holding facilities may also be available.

What you’ll need:

  • A parent or legal guardian to accompany you
  • All required items listed in our general outing guide
  • Wild Horse Rangers will need to provide their own transportation, lodging and food.
  • Wild Horse Rangers will need to have their own mode of transportation

The BLM has just released it’s tentative roundup schedule for 2014 – Click here

Please let us know if you are planning to go to any of the gathers! RTF representatives are planning to attend those listed below. Please note that dates are tentative, so if you are flexible and want to join our crew, please contact us!

Roundup date: August TBD 2014

Where: The Sheldon National Fish and Wildlife Refuge, Nevada
What: Complete Removal of all wild horses on the Refuge- over 420 wild horses
(approximately 70 wild burros were scheduled to be removed the week of July 2014)
Accommodation and Info: Campgrounds on site. First come first served, no reservations. Hot springs.

  • Travel to our nation’s capital to learn about our political process, how laws are made and how you can make a difference. Understanding the issues, knowing your representatives and communicating with them effectively is crucial to protecting Americas horses from slaughter and keeping wild horses protected in their natural habitat.
  • Meet with Return to Freedom staff and Coalition partners and animal welfare lobbyists and learn how our political system works and how we can participate effectively to protect animals in our country. Wild Horse Rangers will participate in an active Q & A, discuss current talking points and learn how to communicate their concerns to their own Congressional Representatives.
  • This July 31st- Join Return to Freedom at the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA). ASPCA Government Affairs staff will mentor participants and prepare them to spend the afternoon visiting their Representatives in The House and the Senate and lobby on behalf of America’s horses!

Where: Washington, DC
When: July 31st 2014

What you’ll need:

  • A parent or legal guardian to accompany minors
  • Wild Horse Rangers will need to provide their own transportation, lodging and food.