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Horses of the Caves: Meeting the Gila Herd

(Pronounced hee-luh)

The Gila Herd Project is a two-year effort to comprehensively vet the horses. DNA testing will determine the health and diversity of the herd. Comparing that analysis with the phenotypic observations will help determine if a conservation program is warranted and then to help establish a sustainable conservation program. Through careful observation, we are identifying, documenting, and tracking specific bonded harem bands.

RTF hopes that over the next two years, it will be able to hand over a Gila conservation program to other entities or foundations that will ensure their existence for future generations. RTF may also be adopting out bonded younger horses through private adoptions.

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Will you watch over the Gila Herd? 

#watchoverme #jointhegilaherd

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Join our #watchoverme #jointhegilaherd campaign started to launch into the care fundraising campaign stage of our project. By watching over a Gila horse, foal, or family band, you join the Gila herd to ensure that the Gila herd thrives.

The Griffin-Soffel Equine Rescue Fund has been the catalyst and is energizing our campaign. Patricia Griffin-Soffel has joined the Gila herd and we invite you to step forward and join us too.

The Griffin-Soffel Equine Rescue Fund has pledged to match donations dollar for dollar up to $150,000.  While the scope of the first phase of this project is estimated to take 2 years and $300,000 and may seem like an overwhelming task, we’ve got off to a healthy start* from individuals just like you thanks to the matching pledge. (*Veterinary costs for the initial phase of this project were covered by the ASPCA and the Unwanted Horse Coalition).

With your help we can raise $120,000!  This ensures that the Gila herd’s Northern California pastures are paid for through March 2019!


We wish to acknowledge the incredible efforts of the following individuals and organizations who have made this project possible: Griffin-Soffel Equine Rescue Fund, ASPCA, Unwanted Horse Coalition, Lee Heller, Mike Holmes, Steve Paige, Celeste Carlisle, MJ Ranch, Dr. Sponenberg, Dr. Gus Cothran, Red Horse Nation, Palomino Armstrong